Why should I learn abacus?


If you have a thought on your mind regarding learning abacus, then you are at the right place. Are you someone who enjoys number crunching and dealing with formulas? Many people find it intriguing to do math, and it is justified as math being one of the many subjects that humans deal with. Absolutely everything in the world, from buildings to bombs, from cooking to art, from estimation to business, absolutely everything depends on maths.

You must have heard people talking about taking tuitions for math or studying additional math rather than school math, which gives you an upper edge and makes school math easier. If that, is it, then you must have heard of the abacus? Yes, the abacus is a branch of mathematics, or you might say a different methodology of solving questions.


While some students find math easy, there are large chunks of students who struggle with math in their day-to-day lives. It helps to improve your math without getting frustrated or wrecking your brains; this is the place and course for you. Abacus is derived from a Turkish word,” ababci’ meaning counting. This implies that the abacus means a frame that enables counting.

This is allowed with a petite wooden or plastic frame with a certain number of beads. These beads are bound on a rod, making them mobile, and you can move them out and down to perform your calculations. Since all the measures cannot be done with the help of hands and fingers, in such a case, we use an abacus.


There are in numerous advantages of the abacus, and one must surely learn abacus. Some of the benefits are:

  • Improves calculation
  • Reduces the chances of error or what is generally called silly mistakes
  • Increases the speed of your calculation
  • It increases your mental stimulation and makes you confident while solving questions.
  • It makes you strong in the math subject
  • Improves your scoring chances in exams as well.

 Reason to learn:

Learning abacus has no downside whatsoever. Learning abacus has also become highly accessible in today’s world, with all the tuition classes and coaching classes recognizing and taking abacus as a subject. It is very affordable and accessible—some of the inevitable reasons one should learn abacus as a subject are mentioned below. Please go through the entire article to not miss out on anything.

  • It releases your stress and draws away from the fear of math’s
  • Many students fall in love with math after learning the abacus.
  • It helps you concentrate when working with those beads and counting frames. Moving those beads up and down quickly and doing the calculations in mind allows you to teach mastery in the skill of multitasking.
  • It teaches a quality of photographic memory.
  • This also helps to improve the learner’s recollecting power and memory power.


The above article was all why it is essential to learn abacus. It contains all the information regarding the organ of the word abacus to what it exactly means. Its ideas, benefits, accessibility, and how it is an unparalleled learning tool.

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