BRAINVISIONABACUS academy is providing online classes from the comfort of the home using just a laptop and internet connection and children can learn abacus online. We are using Zoom App or Google meet App to provide the classes. And we have got highly qualified teachers with rich teaching experience to provide the abacus classes.

There are two types of class options available based on the preference of Parents / Child to learn abacus online

a. One to One

b. Group classes

In this era of covid, online learning has fastly emerged to be the most preferred way of learning . Our teachers have vast experience in teaching online either One to One or in Group and the teacher ensures to pay proper attention to each child. The classes are live and the student can ask any query / question from the teacher while  learning abacus online.

All the teachers with us are qualified abacus teachers with 5+ years of experience. We are a leading abacus institute and are providing one of the best abacus online classes in the United Kingdom and are market experts in this field and have taught numerous students and helped them to discover & hone their self confidence , make them champions in mathematics and be ahead of other children in this competitive world.

The child starts to learn abacus at an early age of 5 years and we aim to help him discover the full potential of his mind power slowly but steadily  leading to a tremendous amount of improvement in Concentration and Imagination skills of the child.

There is no travelling time involved and the class timings are also flexible as per the convenience of the parents and child.

 Once the instructor provides the teaching session – the child is given Daily online homework as well as Book work to complete so that he practises , revises and  becomes proficient in what he has learnt. As we know practice makes a man perfect!

     Please note there is no difference In learning abacus online by the teacher or learning it by travelling Physically to        the location – Although we would say former is better as kids are safe in the house. Also we have  teachers who             have been teaching online since long long time and are well capable/experts in taking classes online by paying               attention to each kid.


So dear parents please be safe and continue providing happy and safe learning to your children through our specialized Abacus online program.