Benefits of Learning Abacus

Today we will learn about the benefits that we can have of Before that, let’s talk about the Abacus. What is an abacus?


Abacus or counting frame has been used since ancient times to calculate mathematical problems such as addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, cube roots and even the square roots with the help of the mathematical tool. The mathematical tool is made up of wood, metal, or rock with components such as a bead, Wire, and frame.


Learning abacus enhances the child’s overall development, starting from looking at the problem and how to solve a particular problem.


What are the Benefits of learning Abacus?

  • Concentration power: The Abacus helps the child to develop more concentration power. Things can be learnt at any age but learning things at a lower age is beneficial as it enhances the future and helps us understand it very quickly.


  • Boosts memory: It helps the student or the child keep the numbers in mind and then repeatedly apply the same thing. This will improve the child’s memory, which is necessary to keep the things reminded as an adult.


  • Creativity: Learning is a process, which means learning things means creativity; we apply, do and think of a particular thing with creativity. Learning abacus Increase the creativity of an individual.


  • Confidence: Learning abacus boost the confidence of the children. They understand how to deal with a mathematical problem and apply their knowledge and confidence. When they are correct, it increases their confidence, and when they are wrong, it helps them learn something new, which is beneficial for them.


  • Accuracy: Learning Abacus helps the child deal with mathematical Problems with accuracy. It improves the power of the children to solve a mathematical problem with accuracy.


  • Imagination: As an adult, it helps the child solve the mathematical problem by imagining the Abacus tool. This also increases the speed of solving the question with accuracy, and most of the additional subtractions are done in mind only in less time.


  • Reduces stress: once child know how to deal with problems on the abacus tool, they enjoy doing it, and even it helps reduce the stress and the anxiety l.


Anyone can Learn Abacus at any age, but it is preferable to learn the Abacus between four to six years as it is more beneficial in the adult livelihood. Learning Abacus gives solutions to mathematical problems with more accuracy.

Adults too can learn the Abacus, but they will have a little time for practising the Abacus, as they will have to study their high level or secondary education.




There are so many benefits of learning the Abacus. A few of them enhance creativity, boost concentration power and help them to deal with problems with more accuracy. It helps the student to solve the fundamental problems in their mind. Anyone can learn the Abacus. Abacus needs practice.

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